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Ensure a smooth and calm Ofsted visit by using this last minute Ofsted checklist to make sure you and your classroom are ready!

You’ve planned your lesson, sorted your differentiation, ordered your photocopying, backed-up your PowerPoint seven times and marked your books in your finest green pen. You are all set to go!

Ofsted visits are stressful at the best of times and I don’t know a single teacher who doesn’t experience at least a twang of panic upon hearing that the inspectors are on the way. Keep the stress levels low and help ensure your Ofsted visit goes as smoothly as possible by following this last minute checklist!

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1. Ofsted checklist: Teacher folder at the ready

Make sure your teaching folder (if you don’t have one, then get one set up now!) is placed in a nice, prominent location so that any inspector who comes into your classroom can easily see it. Have printed off versions of seating plans, lesson plans, longer term plans/targets, SEN information, school policies and any CDP training.

2. Ofsted checklist: Ready to write

The last thing you want during an Ofsted inspection is to walk up to your whiteboard to write something very profound onto the whiteboard….and find that your pen has run out! Do a quick check of the whiteboard pens in your classroom and make sure you only have ones that working properly near the whiteboard.

3. Ofsted checklist: Water, water everywhere

If you are anything like me then the presence of someone else in the classroom can send the nerves sky-rocketing. For me this often results in the dreaded ‘dry mouth’ where I can struggle to get out any words that are actually understandable! To combat this, make sure you have a few bottles of water strategically placed around the classroom. I have one on my desk, one next to the whiteboard and one at the back of the classroom. That way you have a remedy wherever nerves strike!

4. Ofsted checklist: Stock check

The day Ofsted come calling will of course be the day that half of your class forget to bring a pen and the other half forget to bring their books. Check your stocks of equipment and make sure you have enough for all eventualities! Have stacks of paper, pens and any other equipment you need for the lesson at the front of the classroom and instruct the children to pick anything up that they need as they come into the room.

5. Ofsted checklist: Paper registers

In the spirit of technology failing whenever you need it to work, assume that whatever system you have for taking registers electronically will decide to fail the second the Ofsted inspector walks into your classroom. Have paper registers printed out for all your classes. If the room you need to drop paper registers off at is difficult to find, or the children are not used to having to go there, then make a map of how to get there so you can give it to any student if you need to send them to drop the register off.

6. Ofsted checklist: Fire, fire!

It would be nice to think that the fire alarm would never go off during an Ofsted inspection but stranger things have happened (I can vouch for this!). Take a moment to re-familiarise yourself with the evacuation procedure from your room and where you need to direct students to go. Make sure there is space to line up at the door. If you are a form tutor, have a paper copy of your form register to take with you in case it takes a long time to appear.

7. Ofsted checklist: Snacks a’plenty!

Ofsted inspections are a stressful and time-sapping exercise. With so much to do and so many emotions flying around it can be tempting to skip breakfast (and lunch!) in your quest for Ofsted perfection. Although I do not advocate skipping out on meals I can understand the temptation. If you are struggling to eat proper meals during the days of Ofsted then make sure you at least have some healthy snacks on the go in your classroom. I’m personally a sucker for the Grenade High Protein Carb Killer bars! (the jaffa quake flavour is lush!!)

8. Ofsted checklist: Plan for post-Ofsted!

This ones just for you! Ofsted is a frantic time in most schools. Even though you may have a sense of roughly when the inspectors will be descending on your school, it is always a bit of a shock when that call finally comes! After what is likely to be a hectic few days, it’s good to have something planned for when the end of the day finally rolls in. After all, once the last inspector leaves the building there is nothing else you can do to influence the result! Make sure you have something nice and relaxing planned for the post-Ofsted evening, even if its just a takeaway or a long bath. You’ve earned it!

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I hope you found this last minute Ofsted checklist useful! Leave your own Ofsted tips in the comments and remember to share this post before you leave to help other teachers!

ofsted checklist