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Have you come to the point where leaving teaching is the right decision for you?

Leaving the teaching profession is a big decision and not one that most teachers take lightly. Sadly, it is also not an uncommon decision. It is estimated that around 80% of teachers in the UK have considered leaving the teaching profession and nearly 50% of newly qualified teachers will have left teaching within five years of starting.

It can be daunting to think about what job you could do when you leave teaching. For a lot of teachers, teaching will be the only job they have ever done and may have specifically trained for teaching at university. The process of getting a teaching job is also quite unlike many other careers. I remember when I left teaching for a period and I was completely bemused with how people found a job if it wasn’t on the Times Educational Supplement website!

If you are leaving teaching it is important to remember that you DO have valuable and transferable skills that would be useful in other occupations. It is also key to consider exactly WHY you want to leave teaching. Do you love working with children but hate the bureaucracy of teaching? Have you had enough of working with children and want to work with adults instead? Answering these questions will help you decide what jobs are most suitable for you.

There are many jobs which are allied with the teaching profession. A lot of ex-teachers choose to work in a field that is closely related to teaching. However, that doesn’t mean you are limited to just education based jobs.

This blog post highlights some career options you may want to consider if you are leaving teaching. Hopefully, you can find something that appeals to you!

Leaving teaching option 1: Education based jobs

  • Museum education

Most museums and art galleries will have educational programs and coordinators. They will typically work with school groups that come to visit. This could be a good choice if you have a subject specialism in the same area as the museum.

  • Outdoor education

If you are a sporty/outdoors person, then something in outdoor education may appeal. Forest schools are growing in popularity as well as nature based education in local parks, woodlands and for organisations such as The National Trust.

  • Adult education

If you are keen to keep teaching but want to move out of the school classroom then you could consider adult education. This could be at colleges or even university level.

Leaving teaching option 2: Self-employed jobs

If you are comfortable with becoming self-employed then there are many education based jobs open to you.

  • Private tutor

This is a popular option for teachers. Private tutors can earn between £25-50 per hour depending on location and subject. You can set up on your own or join a tutoring agency.

  • Educational writer

If you have a talent for writing then you could write non-fiction articles and books with a focus on education or teaching. There are many publishers who focus on books for the teacher market.

  • Blogger

If you have a lot of opinions and ideas about education and teaching then you might want to start an education related blog! Focus on a particular niche and you could make money from selling products or from advertising.

  • Educational franchise

If you like the idea of being self-employed but don’t want to go it completely alone then you could think about buying an educational franchise. This is a growing sector and there are a number of options ranging from small toddler classes up to large tutoring centers.

Leaving teaching option 3: Working with children

If you want to still work with children and young people but no longer want to teach, then there are still many options open to you, though you might need further training for some.

  • Social worker

There are a lot of crossovers between social work and teaching. If you want to continue to be a positive force in a child’s life then take a look at retraining to be a social worker. There are some ‘fast-track’ courses for people who already have a degree.

  • Youth worker

If you don’t want to commit to a long period of retraining then choosing a job in youth work might be the best choice for you. There are lots of opportunities in both the charity sector and in local authorities.

  • Nurse

If you are looking for a new challenge but still want to work with children then re-training as a nurse could be the way forward! A challenging and demanding career, but one with lots of payback in terms of personal reward. Sound familiar??

Leaving teaching option 4: Transferable skills

You may have made the decision that you want to leave teaching behind completely. You don’t have to move into a job that is closely related to teaching. You will have lots of transferable skills that can be applied to other careers.

  • Customer service

As a teacher, you will be used to having to think on your feet, diffuse difficult situations and work with members of public. These are all key skills for jobs in customer service.

  • Project manager

Teachers are very skilled at juggling various demands, meeting tight deadlines, sticking to budgets and short and long term planning. All great skills for project managers!

  • Data analyst

If there is one thing that teachers are good it’s data analysis! There are many jobs available in this field , particularity if you also have a strong background in maths or IT.

I hope you found this guide to leaving teaching useful! If you left teaching and pursued another career do share your experience and advice in the comments and remember to share this post before you leave to help other teachers!

job ideas leaving teaching