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Side Hustles for Teachers

Looking to earn some extra money on the side? Want to switch to part-time teaching but worried about a pay cut? Check out these side hustles for teachers! I think the best decision I ever made was to reduce my teaching hours and take up a part-time contract! The reduction in stress, workload and, let’s […]

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How to make a cover lesson folder

Save time and energy on days when you are feeling sick by creating a cover lesson folder that’s ready to go! Cover lessons. We’ve all been there. You wake up feeling like you’re at death’s door. You can barely crawl out of bed and would rather hide under the covers for the rest of the […]

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Am I a bad teacher?

The question every teacher has asked themselves at some point-am I a bad teacher? Has this question been buzzing around in your head lately? Is it a recent occurrence or have you found yourself asking “am I a bad teacher?” for some time now? I’ll be honest with you from the start. This is not […]

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