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Hygge your classroom!

Add some Scandinavian cosiness to your classroom or setting using these suggestions! this post contains affiliate links If you haven’t heard of hygge yet (pronounced hoo-gah), then where have you been the last few years! This Scandinavian/Nordic ‘way of life’ has grown in popularity and seems to show no signs of dissipating. Indeed, it has […]

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How to make a cover lesson folder

Save time and energy on days when you are feeling sick by creating a cover lesson folder that’s ready to go! Cover lessons. We’ve all been there. You wake up feeling like you’re at death’s door. You can barely crawl out of bed and would rather hide under the covers for the rest of the […]

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Am I a bad teacher?

The question every teacher has asked themselves at some point-am I a bad teacher? Has this question been buzzing around in your head lately? Is it a recent occurrence or have you found yourself asking “am I a bad teacher?” for some time now? I’ll be honest with you from the start. This is not […]

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13 job ideas if you are leaving teaching!

Have you come to the point where leaving teaching is the right decision for you? Leaving the teaching profession is a big decision and not one that most teachers take lightly. Sadly, it is also not an uncommon decision. It is estimated that around 80% of teachers in the UK have considered leaving the teaching […]

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Last minute Ofsted checklist!

Ensure a smooth and calm Ofsted visit by using this last minute Ofsted checklist to make sure you and your classroom are ready! You’ve planned your lesson, sorted your differentiation, ordered your photocopying, backed-up your PowerPoint seven times and marked your books in your finest green pen. You are all set to go! Ofsted visits […]

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What are your rights as a part-time teacher?

What employment rights do you have when you work as a part-time teacher? More and more teachers are choosing to work part-time. Increases in workload, childcare and family commitments or just a desire for a better work-life balance are driving more teachers to ditch the Monday morning to Friday afternoon routine. If you are considering […]

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