Welcome to Happy Teacher! A spot dedicated to helping teachers reduce stress, improve their work-life balance and prioritise their mental wellbeing.

I started Happy TeacherĀ  in 2019 when I realised how much stress and anxiety was affecting the teaching profession. I myself suffered from extreme anxiety as a result of teaching and I became very disillusioned with the world of education.

Despite loving teaching itself, and working with students, there were many aspects of teaching that I did not agree with. The workload of teachers has increased, with added pressures from targets, Ofsted, challenging pupil behaviour and budget cuts.

The mental health and wellbeing of teachers is at an almighty low. This is bad not only for the teachers but also their students and schools.

So get ready! Because this little space on the Internet is just for you!!

I’m here to help teachers take care of themselves, with practical and inspirational ways of achieving a genuine work-life balance. I’m here to help you put yourself first and to help you indulge in regular self-care.

I’m also here to help senior leadership teams create schools where staff feel happy, fulfilled and listen to.

Basically, I want to help as many teachers as possible to become happy teachers.

So come and join me as we start taking care of you!

Who am I?

I’m a teacher, author, blogger and mum to my little girl.

I began my teaching career as a secondary school science teacher before completing my masters and PhD in education at King’s College London. I have taught at secondary school and university level. I am the author of The Really Useful Book of Science Experiments and The Really Useful Book of Secondary School Science Experiments.