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About Happy Teacher

You’re probably reading this page because you want to know more about Happy Teacher and the transformational work we do around here, or you might want to know more about me, Tag Aston.

Can I let you in on both?

Okay. Here we go! 

I’m Tag and I am the founder of Happy Teacher. I am a spiritual woman and teacher who helps other teachers find more happiness and meaning in their own lives. 


About me and why I started Happy Teacher 

In 2019 I decided I was going to take a break from teaching and start a blog. Crazy, I know. Especially as I had a family, bills to pay and zero experience in anything other than teaching. 

Up until then I had done everything right. I had worked hard at school, got my degree, my teaching qualification and even a PhD! But after 10 years in the teaching game I was pretty miserable.

I was stressed out, running on empty and dragged myself through each day. I longed for the weekend but spent all weekend thinking about Monday morning.

Sound familiar?

I had hit rock bottom. I was eventually signed off work with stress when it finally dawned on me. 

This was no way to live a life! 

Something had to change, and it did. Something ‘clicked’ in my brain. I finally felt ready to embrace myself and my own wellbeing.

I spent a lot of time working on myself-emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I discovered the transformational effects of personal development and manifesting my own destiny. My health, happiness and career transformed and I was suddenly living the life I had always wanted.

This didn’t happen overnight, neither did it happen with no effort. It took work and opening myself up to new opportunities and new ways of thinking. 

That’s when I decided I wanted to help other teachers on their own journies to happiness. 

Hence, the birth of Happy Teacher!

I’m here to help teachers transform their lives by finding their happy and taking control of their emotional, spiritual and physical lives.